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Closing out 117th Congress - Let your voice be heard

Posted over 1 year ago by Katie Frie

AANP Federal Advocacy: Your Voice Makes a Difference!

Nurse Practitioners create access to healthcare for our patients, families, and communities.  As we close out 2022, there is still time for Nurse Practitioners in Minnesota to let our voice be heard by reducing barriers to our practice.  In the final days of the 117th Congress, it is critical to continue communicating the importance of eliminating all federal barriers to practice for NPs. 

The AANP Advocacy Center provides an excellent opportunity for you to educate and inform your elected officials of the high-quality health care delivered by NPs across the country.

With just a few clicks, your voice can make a difference when you urge your Members of Congress to:

Your voice makes a difference! Members of Congress want to hear from you!

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