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Association of Southeast Minnesota Nurse Practitioners

2018-2019 President's Message

Posted 5 months ago by Marci Newcome

Greetings ASMNP Members!

My name is Natalie Mohammad and I am your appointed ASMNP President for the 2018-2020 term. I served on the ASMNP Board in a variety of positions including Legislative board member, interim Treasurer, and President-Elect before assuming this role. I am excited to lead ASMNP over the next two years as we continue to grow and expand our outreach in the Southeast Minnesota region.

We have experienced quite a few changes over the past year. First, a name change! We are now the Association of Southeast Minnesota Nurse Practitioners. Previously, we were the Association of Southeastern Minnesota Nurse Practitioners.  Second, we met with our legal team to update our non-profit status. We are officially a 501 c (6). For those of you, like me, who are easily confused by the non-profit lingo, 501 c(6) essentially means that we are a not for profit agency. Our members and donors cannot deduct donations to our group on their taxes. Why? Because we as an organization can use our funds to support or influence political actions. One of ASMNP’s priorities is to influence our elected officials regarding matters important to nurse practitioners. We try to remain non-partisan in our political dealings.

We will be meeting as a board in 2 weeks to finalize our group events for the 2018-2019 year. We are excited to brainstorm new ideas to expand membership and our network in the southeast Minnesota region. We welcome any new ideas! I am honored this year to serve on our board alongside:

Cecilia Engler-Past President

Jennifer Hill - Secretary

Christal Barton – Treasurer

Jill Hunchis & Michelle Merten – Membership Committee

Kimberly Prigge –Legislative Committee

Meghan Bos & Stephanie Ahrens – Party Planning!! I mean, Event Planning

Jillian Lynaugh – Student Liaison

Amanda Meyer & Melissa Moran- Community Outreach

Marci Newcome – PR/Website

We are thrilled to announce our kickoff event on September 27, 2018 at Four Daughter’s Vineyard and Winery in Spring Valley, MN. We will have 3 other educational events throughout the year along with a number of volunteer events. We welcome any feedback throughout the year to help our organization grow and expand. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the nurse practitioners in our region.

Natalie Mohammad, APRN CNP

ASMNP President 2018-2020